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Green Tea
The natural source of caffeine that contains antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients.
Pure Honey
Slow-burning energy source that provides a longer, more sustainable boost of energy.
Cane Sugar & Glucose
Natural sugars that are fast-burning energy sources.
Supports ATP, your body’s natural energy molecule, for sustained energy.

Get Energized Naturally™

Healthy Energy
X2 provides the energy you need with only all natural ingredients and great taste. X2 enables you to be your best while maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle... every day.
All Natural. No Artificial Ingredients
X2 provides caffeine and antioxidants from green tea, four natural sugars including pure honey and cane sugar, and great-tasting natural flavors. Only clean, simple, good-for-you ingredients. Nothing artificial.
No Crash or Jitters
By utilizing a special formula of green tea plus a combination of fast and slow burning sugars, your body experiences a gradual increase in energy. The result? A sustained lift without jitters or hard crash.
Smooth & Refreshing
X2 provides natural energy but with a refreshing taste that’s not too sweet. Non-carbonated, X2 is the perfect replacement for coffee or tea and pairs naturally with food. It’s the ideal energy drink for any time of the day.
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