04.24.2019 | — If your day can’t start or end without a can of Red Bull to fill you with energy, it may be time to opt away from the sugar and additive-filled beverage. While there is nothing concrete to say consuming the popular drink in moderation results in outright problems, it’s definitely not good to consume excess amounts of sugar and other artificial ingredients. In addition, Red Bull has a notoriously unique taste, which is great for those who like it, but unpalatable for those that don’t. One thing is for sure, any time you consume Red Bull, you are not drinking what
Swap Your Red Bull For These Natural Alternatives Instead
04.08.2019 | — FDIC International, the world’s largest annual firefighter conference and exhibition that hosts 34,000+ fire and rescue professionals, is happening April 8th through 13th, and X2 All-Natural Energy announced that it will serve as the Official Energy Drink of FDIC International . X2’s unique formula makes it the perfect better-for-you energy drink to fuel firefighters, who need a healthy boost of energy without any of the crash or jitters often caused by other products. An all-natural energy drink that’s low in sugar, non-carbonated and includes coconut
X2 All-Natural Energy to Fuel FDIC International 2019 as Official Energy Drink Partner
02.27.2019 | Satellite TV — TV host and lifestyle expert Ereka Vetrini provides tips on how you can reset routines this spring. She discusses her use and the benefits of X2 All-Natural Energy drinks.
Tips on How You Can Reset Routines
02.10.2019 | — As a former personal trainer and still active person, I’m always looking for ways to boost my energy levels naturally. But when it comes to energy drinks, I shy away from them because of the artificial ingredients and tons of sugar. Plus, I don’t want to feel jittery and overstimulated. However, I was afforded the opportunity to try the original X2 Energy formula, an all-natural energy drink made with quality ingredients. First, the caffeine in X2 is derived from green tea, which contains antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients for better overall
Be Xtraordinary with X2 Energy Products
02.07.2019 | Boca Patch — Professional Athletes like Cleveland Browns' Jarvis Landry & San Antonio Spurs' LaMarcus Aldridge Agree. Energy drinks have been around for a long time. And we all know just where to find those appealing tin cans in the refrigerator section, promising a caffeine boost to get you through the day - or the next few hours at least. What they don't advertise is the jitters that can come with consuming them, or the intense crash that happens as they wears off. It's estimated that 30 to 50 percent of people consume energy drinks, so there's certainly a market for them, but
Forget What You Knew About Energy Drinks: Introducing X2
02.04.2019 | — There might be a good reason LaMarcus Aldridge has a pep in his step. The San Antonio Spurs forward has teamed up with energy drink company X2 All-Natural Energy. X2 All Natural Energy drink is described as giving people the energy to perform their best while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, every day. Aldridge was given the all-star nod as he was selected to join the 2019 West All-Star squad marking his seventh trip to the NBA's annual event. He poured in 56 points to set a new career high versus Oklahoma City this season, becoming the second-oldest player
LaMarcus Aldridge teams up with energy drink company